Republicans want voter ID laws.
Democrats want vaccine passports.

We're going to get the worst of both worlds where vaccine passports are required to vote.

I'm glad @adam brought up RMS on Sunday's show.

There is a counter open letter with over 4000 signatures. If you have a github account sign this letter.

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It should amuse everyone that people completely unfamiliar with the scientific method and science in general are the ones most likely to promote memes of “follow the science” and “believe in science.”

~ John C. Dvorak
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Paying Lip Service to Science

If this line isn’t in your .zshrc file, you’re a sexist.

If you're interested in learning about the technology behind #Podcasting2.0, Dave Jones knocks it out of the park on "Pragmatic"

Tesla buys $1.5B worth of #Bitcoin and is going to start accepting payments in it soon 🚀

Positive rights (right to an education, housing, health care, etc) are claims on other people's time and property and thus not rights at all.

Positive "rights" are things people feel entitled to get for free.

Can someone explain PoS to me?

I get that in a PoS chain the validator is randomly chosen based on how much they stake. What I don't get is how is there a consensus reached on who the validator is.

Robinhood is a free/no-commission brokerage.

If it's free you're the product. And guess who you're being sold to? Hedge funds.

Apparently there's a proposal to assign the Nobel Peace Prize to "online fact checkers" for 2021.

Let's cut to the chase: I propose to assign the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize to "the concept of Evil" itself. Let's stop dancing around it.

@darrenoneill @SirBemrose you need to get @mattodell on the podcast.

You guys have a lot of the right ideas. you just need someone to explain to you and you two would be total Bitcoin maximalists.

During my past 11 months in Bali, I literally had just one case of somebody telling me to wear the mask. And that person was a foreigner.

Balinese are full of self-respect and respect for humanity. The two are probably related.

The US Dollar is
backed by oil🛢& guns🔫

#Bitcoin  is backed by renewable energy🌊 & peaceful nodes🕊

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