@darrenoneill @SirBemrose you need to get @mattodell on the podcast.

You guys have a lot of the right ideas. you just need someone to explain to you and you two would be total Bitcoin maximalists.

@ben @SirBemrose @mattodell Understanding it further would not change my viewpoint that BTC will eventually crumble back to near nothingness.

@darrenoneill I'm a new listener so I never heard you go through why you think will crumble. Or what the perfect crypto currency would be.

@darrenoneill do you have an episode where you talked in depth about bitcoin?

@ben It's been a pretty constant topic since early on.

BTC's lack of privacy and instability, along with it being one governmental regulation away from oblivion, all add up.

It is possible a secure, private, not bogged down by fees crypto will eventually come around that will save the planet? Maybe, but it's not here yet.

@darrenoneill @ben China tried banning it three times, I don't see government bans being effective. It may affect price though. Using Bitcoin privately is hard though, but not impossible.
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