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The "Institute for New Economic Thinking". That's some next level Orwellian naming.

A war in 2021 is not fought with bayonets in the trenches.

It is propaganda. Monetary policies. Trade wars.

Interesting problem: the Mastodon software allows users to block moderators.

Which apparently some trolls are abusing by creating new accounts, blocking the mods, posting offensive material, and attempting to get the instance banned by others on the basis of that material.

Supposedly the official position of the Mastodon devs is this isn't a problem that needs fixing.

The only conspiracy is fiat currencies.

Everything else follows. It's just game theory. People acting according to incentives.

Bad incentives, bad behavior.

The very day Biden is sworn in, the WHO decides to tell doctors to start using PCR tests properly. Coincidental timing, I'm sure.

New WHO test guidance issued: "WHO guidance Diagnostic testing for SARS-CoV-2 states that careful interpretation of weak positive results is needed (1). The cycle threshold (Ct) needed to detect virus is inversely proportional to the patient’s viral load"

Tusky is an amazing mastodon client

way better than anything on iOS

So what happened? Where were the arrests and Trump's continuation. Well according to the fringe, it all happened. You just did not get to see it. Who was arrested? Uh...dunno. But here's the latest drivel.

For iPhone users that switched to go to Setting > System > Gestures > System navigation. To get an iPhone style home bar.

So where is the Military Coup? The indictments? The arrests? The Military Tribunals? Instead we

I, on behalf of the unquestionably small amygdalae No Agenda community, currently own the rights to PeerTube is ready, registration is open, and you can publish videos as desired. Message me if, for some reason, you need your daily and/or total quota increased (looking at you @jennifer)

@adam, @Johncdvorak: Producers: Please reach out to me if you have peertube experience. We will make NoAgendaTube our own.

The real conspiracy theorists are those who believe that the most powerfully positioned individuals in society are collaborating to selflessly “protect and serve” the people.

ITM y'all! It's potentially the last weekend of FWEEDOM. I hope everyone is taking full advantage.

We're maskless in the NA Animation Studios and plan to stay that way during the 100+ days of sadness!

TYFYC! xoxo

cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

Additional links for the other platforms to follow - they always take a bit longer to process. . .

Altcoins are stupid startups funded by money printing.

The projects almost always fail, but the money printing and speculation thrive by pretending to be #Bitcoin.

Altcoining is fraud.

What stops China from printing USD?

What stops the USA from printing Yuans?

Fiat is secured by energy sunk into war, violence, and mass destruction.

#Bitcoin  is secured by energy sunk into math.

“Activists demand that Donald Trump be edited out of Home Alone 2”

Why don’t we just edit Hitler from history so we don’t have any more Nazi’s?

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