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About LancasterPA.social

This is a Mastodon instance for anyone who lives in or has lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

About Mastodon

Let’s face it, Facebook and Twitter are evil. They sell your data and block or shadow-ban opinions they don’t agree with. Enter Mastodon, a free and open-source federated social network. Unlike those other social media platforms there isn’t one group of people deciding who gets to speak. Mastodon is a network of over three thousand instances. So if you were to get kicked off one instance you could always join another.


There are multiple third party Mastodon apps. My preferred app for iOS is Mast. My favourite free app is Mercury.

Community Guidlines

  • No porn or nudity
  • No doxing
  • No racism
  • No graphic violence or gore

I reserve the right to silence or suspend accounts for any reason.

For the most part I believe speech is speech and we all have a God given right to free speech. If you don’t like something someone says just block them.